Squash increasing file size instead of reducing it

I started using Squash a couple of hours back, and I see unexpected results.

It’s increasing the file size instead of reducing it. I downloaded this stock image for test: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-berries-1379636/

Then I set the JPEG Quality level to 95%

It increased the file size to almost double.

I set it back to the default 70%, and still, the size of the compressed file is marginally larger than the original file.

Also, the quality looks low to me. What I’ve experienced is, it increased the file size and reduced the quality.

Any fixes?


Try this:

I bought Squash. Why would I buy any other program?

@ritesh , Hi Ritesh. Just for fun I did the same exercise with your image. First of all, using Photoshop (you can also use Preview for this) I reduced the size to a width of 1720 px, which is large enough to fill a banner. Saved the image as a jpg in a High quality (60%) which again is good enough to use in a website. This gave me an image of 391 KB. I squashed this image in a quality 60% as well and that gave me an image of 362 KB with no quality loss.

So, Squash did what it had to do.

Don’t overkill images for web. A quality of 60%, 50% or even 40% can still be good enough. The human eye is forgiving. Try to keep images under 300 KB to speed up loading times.


I have my quality set to 50% typically and it made it smaller, for me.
When I used 70% as you tried, Squash notified me “we couldn’t squash those files any further”.
So what is different between our setups I wonder?

It is free & works well

BTW, which size are you working with as it has options.

Duplicated your test on Late 2014 Mac mini with Big Sur 11.4 and not getting your results…

Thanks, but I don’t want to resize the images.

Original size 6000x4000

I can’t reproduce your results.
The only slight difference I see and it’s in download size is that the file is a few bytes smaller when using save file (my default) rather than Open with (Preview) when downloading.
Otherwise Squash works as expected, for me.
I don’t have a Retina display so I can’t test that. Could be something to do with that?

If you compress a jpg that has already been compressed you probably won’t see any reduction in file size, in fact, the file may ever be bigger!

If you compress a high-quality image with very little compression, you’re going to see great savings. This is when Squash really shines.

If you’re still unhappy with the amount Squash has compressed your file, do the following: Try lowering the compression rate in the preferences, move it down in 10% increments, then compress the original image again. By doing this you can look at the image after each export and make sure you’re happy with the look of the file and its size.

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