Squash Metadata Missing From RAW Camera JPG Conversions

Love Squash. Use it all the time.

I have some RAW NEF files produced with my Nikon D7200 and I’m using Squash to convert & minimally Squash them to JPG files at 99%. The conversion works flawlessly except for one key thing.

In preferences I have unchecked the box that says “Remove JPG metadata” because I want to keep the info for camera, lens, aperture, etc. However, unchecking the box has zero impact on the produced JPG files. None of the files going from NEF > JPG maintain the info. Everything is stripped. If I go from JPG files produced by the Nikon (Using typical camera image FINE JPG setting) and also Squash them at 99%, the metadata remains intact. So it seems that it’s the RAW NEF files that are the issue.

To be honest I’m not even sure this is a supported feature of Squash (Compressing RAW camera files) but there is no indication it’s not supported, and as stated above, other than the metadata the files are converted perfectly.

Any insight here appreciated. If not supported, this this is a request for this feature to work in a future version/update.


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