Squash version (beta?) compatible with Catalina

Is there a version of Squash that can save images on Catalina?
The App Store has 2.04, but it does NOT work.
Since Squash is still on sale, can anyone tell me how do I get a working version (also beta)?

HOW does it not work?
Catalina 10.15.4 and Squash 2.04 working fine here.

Squash is not able to save in any folder
@dan is it my mistake? What I have to do?

try ImageOptim

Do it. Thank you very much!

Not heard of this issue before, what error are you getting?

Does Squash display an error message? or does it just fail silently?
What file type are you trying to compress?

Squash doesn’t save for me either. It goes through the motions, but the squashed file doesn’t get saved.

Hi Dan,
It fail silently. They were .jpg files

Very strange, it’s working here for me on 10.15.4

Have you tried re-selecting where to save the files in the preferences:



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