Squashed Catalina

Is there any active work being carried out to make Squash work with Catalina. At the moment it appears to go through the machinations of reducing the file size, but does not save the results to any folder I’ve set it to, nor does it ask for a folder. Currently running Catalina 10.15 Beta (19A526h).

I would expect the Squash will work with Catalina once the final release is available.

There was a big thread on here the other day about BETA software. Most developers are doing work behind the scenes to make sure things will be ready once Catalina has been released. As it’s still in BETA, why would developers constantly release new versions, only to have to go through it again when the next BETA is released?

If you’re using BETA software, you’re using it at the risk of other software not working.

Thanks for your response Neil.

I am well aware of the dangers of using beta software, been doing it for more years than I care to remember :grin:.
I wasn’t asking for an update to the software because it doesn’t work at the moment, I was merely asking for my own interest and perhaps to get reassurance for other current and future users that the software will continue to be supported with future apple os releases and give the developers a heads-up of problems I have noticed.

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