Stack like JW Tardis stack for asp servers?

I am at an institution that uses asp for its servers. I would like know if there is a stack that has the same functionality as Joe Workman’s Tardis stack that will allow me to set when content is available/visible; Tardis requires php, so I can’t use it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think that there are any stacks that are developed out there for ASP. Sorry.

A vast majority of users are running on Apache.

I feel for you @mikewhite I work for a very large company that finally gave me an Apache server in 2014 - for the five years prior, it was and IE6 only. I became quite proficient at stripping out PHP when possible and replacing with ASP (Yabdab’s form, for example), or working with developers on work-arounds (Joe helped me out on many occasions, as did Nimblehost). But, the stark reality is that RapidWeaver users are by and large on Apache - and so the developers follow suit.

My advice is to try really hard to get your institution to install an Apache server (it can be a virtual machine). If they don’t want it on their network, you could mention that your sites could be hosted elsewhere (at Chillidog, for example) and restricted by IP to folks behind your firewall.

The three happiest days of my employment were: the day I was hired; the day they finally gave me an Apache server (at the time I had over two dozen Rw sites up); and the day we ditched IE6 for IE11.

See if you can get them to install PHP on IIS. it can be done I do on company servers all the time. there is no reason to have to be forced into asp or aspx extensions.

I did this very thing, before they finally “gave” me an Apache server. It was a HUGE step forward, but be aware that a few stacks require calls that Apache makes that IIS doesn’t make. So, although the overwhelming number of stacks will work fine with PHP on IIS, be aware that there are a few out there that won’t. Or, a special routine might need to be written. As an example, Mobilize did not work - but @nimblehost kindly modified a file for me so that it would work. I also had trouble with one of the CMS packages - yet others work just fine.

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