Stack "Lines" error: "com.joeworkman.stacks.styled-stack Not Installed"

Hi. I have installed quite a few Stacks on RW8.7. In some demo projects, (for example “Lines”), I get the error “com.joeworkman.stacks.styled-stack Not Installed” in the main window. I understand that something not installed is missing, but I do not know what it refers to. In the example videos I have noticed that it sometimes appears as “Template”, but I can’t find anything that fits. I have Stack 4 and Foundation 6 installed. Thanks for the help.

You might want to get in touch with @joeworkman, he has all the answers.

It’s just missing a stack from the demo. You can remove it. It’s not required for lines to work.

Thanks and sorry for my clumsiness and sending an email. When I accessed the main page, I saw the message asking that they not be sent to you. Again, my apologies. A greeting.

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