Stack or plugin for rating articles

I wonder if anyone has come across an easy way to rate something (in this case an article) and then record that rating in some way.

For example, I found this article:
Not very useful
Very Useful

I’d like to be able to record each ‘mark’ and either summarise them on the page somehow. Or if that’s not possible, maybe have them emailed, perhaps using a form?

Any ideas?



Before the GDPR rush, Will started working on a Comments/Rating stack, but had to put it on a backburner to work on the GDPR-compliance of his themes and on Cookie Manager stack. You may want to contact him directly and give him your input, feature suggestions, etc.

Ditto what @Rovertek wrote. Will’s upcoming comments stack will have ratings. I just don’t know if he will build in a way to summarize them. Worth asking him @willwood if this might be possible.

There are some other dedicated ratings stacks (one or two) but I don’t recall them having a way to summarize results. I may be wrong though: it’s been a long time since I looked at this potential functionality.

Thanks to both. Hopefully @willwood will see this and reply.

I’ve looked at Rate-It from Stacks Its but it’s not really responsive and seems as though it’s easy to ‘trick’ the stack into losing its cumulative values by re-loading the page.

Doobox has a star rating stack as well but that averages out the ‘scores’. It might work but I’m not sure if the client will go for it. I’m also now experimenting with Super Forms which may also work at a pinch, but it’ll require some action from the client to collate the information.


Do you have Machforms? There might be something you can do with it. It doesn’t have a “star” based rating thing, but it does allow you rate things in a variety of ways and stores responses to a database. From there you can also create an automatic report (graphs, etc.) also with Machform.

I don’t Matthew - never had the need for it before. I’m aware it’s highly thought of and if it comes to it, I’ll look into it. However, if there’s a simpler Stacks-based solution from Mr. W. on the way, I may be able to hang on for that as the site doesn’t need to go live until the end of next month.


Got it. Sensible to wait a bit longer.

Maybe in the right direction:

Thanks. That’s one of the Doobox stacks I was referring to.

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If you happened to be using it, Total CMS has a ratings stack, but I have never used it and don’t know if it tracks everything or just averages…

I’ve got a couple of TCMS licenses but was hoping to get away with Easy CMS for this site. Good shout though, thanks.

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