Stack request: nautical charts (navionics)

Would like to someone (maybe Will or Jeroen), make a stack about this? Is it possible?

I added an Avionics chart link to the Charts link on this page at

It is about 15 months old now and the Navionics system has changed a bit. Unfortunately, what was a zoomed in link to a specific area is now a general view of Europe.

I think you could put it into an iFrame, but I (and the yacht club) had a concern about the Not for Navigation implications of the site and therefore, used a direct link to the Navionics site.

It depends on the reason why you want use use the Nav site, but there is a possibility that someone could use your web iFrame content to navigate into a rock and get into difficulties. The navigation area of this particular YC has excellent mobile data for about 24 hours sailing East or West and with a 13m tide makes for some of the most challenging navigation in the world. So you know what will happen - the chart plotter stops working but everyone on board has a mobile phone which they use instead of using a conventional chart.

Probably too specialist as a stack to redistribute or sell to others. But @webdeer suggestion of an iFrame might work or you could bundle the code into the free Builder stack. I can also be hired to develop custom stacks.

Thank you all. Unfortunately, when I try to import an iframe it also appears advertising

That’s because the advertising is part of that page. A couple of years ago it was just the chart. Don’t forget this isn’t a free online world wide nautical. It is a demo of what their paid product looks like. It’s a very impressive product but I think what you want is a paid online char service.

Thanks webdeer, but I don’t understand why the link of Cardiff Yacht club haven’t advertisement and an iframe of that has.

I just checked it and on Safari I see 2 adverts at`lS