StackApps Login stack and params

Has anyone used the Login stack in StackApps and on successful login have the Login stack direct to another page - say a members page.
On the new page how can you pick up the id to the logged in user to use in a WHERE clause?
I have tried param(id), var(userid), and several other things but can’t find anything that works.
I’m guessing there is a session variable set somewhere but how to get it would help.

I have also tried to contact the developer, Helmuth, however he hasn’t been around for nearly a year now.

Many thanks,

Embarrassing… I just found the answer in another topic!

This will do the trick: member_id = session(userid)

I tried this but had quotes around userid.

Sorry I should have spent more time reading :smile:

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I cannot get the stackapps login stack to accept a userID and password. Can you help please?

Hi Paul,

I probably need a bit more info re the issue.
Fo starters you MUST have a setup stack as the first stack on the page.
In the setup stack make sure you have ticked “Enable Security”.
I use “Roles” as the security type.
Make sure the User table has the required fields and that the roles are defined in a field in that table.

Hope this helps.


I appreciate your offer to help.

I have met all the criteria you have given but it still does not work.

FYI, Login is my first page and Home is my second one.

When I first access the website, the landing page is Home and not the login page. I then have to select the login page and enter credentials (which does not work, as entering the user Name and the password and then selecting ‘Login’, just removes the password I entered.)

I have a third page that uses stackapps to access another table in the database and that works just fine.

Any suggestions ?

Started over and made the home page the login page, following your instructions, AND EVERYTHING WORKS !!!

Thanks for your help !

Great to hear Paul.

The security stuff in Stackapps is great but it does take a little thought and work to get it setup.
Once you do it’s a breeze. Drop a setup and a security stack on a page and all the security is done.

What is sad is that the developer has stopped supporting the product.
And little incompatibilities are starting to creep in. Nothing too serious yet but…
I’ll continue to use it but will look for alternatives to replace it as time goes on.
Right now there is nothing really comparable… IMHO :slight_smile:

Always happy to help, if I can…


I’m trying to get Sitelok working as an alternative (mainly because it has a reputation for excellent support), but so far no luck. However the support from Vibralogix has been excellent - it is just that I as of yet have been unable to get it to work with MAMP on my localhost. I am confident however that they will get me going fairly soon and the potential flexibility of sitelok is exactly what I need.

Just a followup about Sitelok.

I have it working now and It is fantastic - and a google will show you zillions of rapid weaver users who agree.

It also is incredibly flexible and the support and the manual are also fantastic.

I’m not going to go with stackapps because there is zero support and what will happen when RW comes out with their next version or php or MySql change ? I want to go with someone who will adapt to technology and have support I can count on. You get wht you pay for and in the case of Sitelok is seems you get far more than you pay for.

Hi Paul,

Great to hear you have a working solution…

I am also looking at Sitelok for site security and the support from Adrian has been fantastic.