Stackapps security can't get past Login

On the page you want to limit access to, you tick “Security” in the Setup stack, and maybe choose “Roles” as the Security type.
Then add the Security stack beneath that and under Setup, Page Access put “admin”. leave the Login page link empty.
The minute you try to access this page, it zooms off to the Login page which you previously created. It has just the Setup stack and the Login stack with the Button stack inside that. One of the inputs is labelled User ID - I think here he means User Login(i.e. user_login from the database). The Login stack under Actions - set the links to the Home page.
Last thing - be sure in your database you have a “users” table and put in a user_id, user_login and user_password. For the Role you apparently don’t put “admin” or whatever role you choose - you put “List(admin)”.

It doesn’t work for me - it gets as far as the login page, but then just sits there, wont authenticate the user. If anyone has a working security stack, please screenshot the settings because god knows what is wrong!