Stacks 3.2.5 – long awaited stability with PlusKit!

I don’t know whether it’s just me, but as soon as I installed update to Stacks 3.2.5, I was able to export my site to a local folder on the first attempt! That wasn’t happening for me for the last couple of months (since RW v.7.1.0).

I am using PlusKit on three pages of my site – and that was most likely the reason for RW constantly crashing on export. The new version of Stacks plays much nicer with PlusKit. I hope this will not get broken again in future updates. In light of Isiah’s plans for the PlusKit, I am hoping that it will only get better.

Another nice improvement in Stacks 3.2.5: the Library pane opens up on launch, again (this feature was broken since RW 7.1.0).

Now, if only RW would remember the state and position of the Inspector pane on ‘launch’, I would be able to restore my faith in RW (of course, I am not even mentioning Publishing, which never worked for me, with the exception of 1 single time, in version 7.0.0. I gave up on Publishing altogether and now I always export).

P.S. I tried to Publish, in addition to Export, and it also worked! I am astonished…


actually was broken since RW 6.somethingIdon’trecallnow :frowning:

thank you very much for fixing this one too, Isaiah :slight_smile:

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My bad. You were right about the broken feature…

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