Stacks 3 -- Powerful, Fast, and with over 800 Stacks now available

Congratulations for this great update! This is how I always wanted the Stacks plugin should look like (and also nothing against Stacks 2 :grinning:)

There not only substantial new features available for users like partials, but also for the developers to build even more compelling Addon stacks. Thanks @isaiah for the hard work and passion.

Cheers, Jannis


How do I get my free update since I purchased Stacks 2 a few weeks ago?

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Isaiah is being modest. When he claims Stacks 3 is 3 times as fast and powerful, I disagree — it’s a thousand times that. Easily. Every action is greased lightning, every transition a secret pleasure. It purrs with power and feels like luxury to the touch, and will enhance workflows and elevate production to even more professional and profitable levels.

Stacks 3 is stacks on steroids and is truly worth getting excited about.


@bruce: we’ll be sending them out asap – but if you contact our support email Christi can fix you up immediately.

Looks deeply fab.

Can’t find any info on what the upgrade price from Stacks 2 will be though - just a straight new purchase price.

I’ve just emailed them Bruce. Purchased mine on 14-07-15. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks - and good luck - to everyone at YourHead. What a piece of software!



An absolutely BRILLIANT upgrade. Thanks for all the hard work Isaiah!

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I can’t say enough good things about Stacks 3. Suffice to say, it’s an incredible piece of software that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE.


@robbeattie - if you own any version of Stacks then the price is half-off ($24.95). There is a link from within the app (just click the blue ribbon) – or you can go directly here:

Thanks a lot. Good deal.

after you purchase it how do you download it? it went to a blank page that says


You’ve found link to a missing page. Hopefully it’s just temporary. If it continues, let us know.

@garyp - just click on of the Download link on

but it sounds like there is a bad link out there somewhere – if you tell me where i’ll get that one fixed up so other people don’t have to bump into it.

it was on the redirect after you made the purchase using paypal. I ended up downloading the file and just installing it. and typed in my code that seemed to fix it though. not sure if I was supposed to be redirected to a download link.

Great update. I also got the error after purchasing and also in the Stacks 3 Reference Manual the link to the Partials video gets the same error.

I’m trying to see what the Unpack button does before I click it.

i think i’ve fixed both of the links mentioned. let me know if anyone else notices any bad ones. thanks!

I have problem with my site that was 99% done with stack2 (everything was perfect), now that UPD to stack 3, UPD Foundation theme and Stack pack, I lost all images and Pluskit does not work anymore.

I try the new stack 3 «image» and no luck, does not work at all.

Any idea, Thank you all

@fitz - we’re working on a fix for the pluskit issues right now. hopefully in the next 24-hours.

Isaiah, I’m seeing problems with text getting cut off and running off the right edge of the screen when I view your website on my iPhone 6.

Yes… I know… it will be improving for mobile in a bit. Sadly we had to build most of the site a while ago – and Stacks wasn’t quite as ready for primetime as it is now.

That said: traffic for today is 5% on mobile. most people looking to buy desktop software aren’t doing it from their phones. :wink: but practicalities aside, it will improve – if for no other reason than next week i’ll have time to go back and rebuild some bits of it with the released version of Stacks v3.0.0! woo hoo!

Edit: omg. i’m totally off topic. i kind of hate myself right now – but this is also pretty interesting. i tweeted about an hour ago about my site traffic breakdown.

Here’s the rough numbers for all traffic in the month of August – which has had about 20x our usual site traffic due to today’s launch and all the beta testing:

73%: Mac OS X 10.10
8%: Mac OS X 10.9
5%: Mac OS X 10.11
5%: iOS iPhone
5%: iOS iPad
4% other (mostly Windows)