Stacks v4.0 Released

(Stuart Marshall) #21

@scottjf If you drag it from resources into a third-party stack’s image well then it will not be treated as a site image. A new instance of it will be created.

If the third party stack has a warehouse option though then you could just copy the macro from resources and paste this in as the warehouse url. This will allow the same image to be shared. Srcerer certainly would allow that and I know Impact has a warehouse option too.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #22

It will work with the next update. Have seen a small issue in the current Gallery Stack version.

Resource images dragged from resources window in Gallery Stack drop zone will then successfully be handled as all other image types.

(Barrie McDermid) #23

That’s a great upgrade price! I’ll be buying that later. It’s worth mentioning that on the email the ‘buy now’ button doesn’t make it clear that there’s a discount for existing users. There is and it makes this an absolute no brainer.

(Dave Hughes) #24

Great release - I don’t know how you do it @isaiah

Instant upgrade - and that’s my evening ruined :wink:


(Isaiah Carew) #25

Sounds like your browser has cached the old download page. I’d recommend trying in another browser – or trying to clear your browser cache.

(Mike Tobin) #26

Excited to upgrade to Stacks 4! Congrats on a great release!

Question (for anyone who is already using Stacks 4):

Will I be able to create an external from within a project created with Stacks 3?

Thanks in advance!

  • Mike

(Isaiah Carew) #27

Yes, it relies on RW to do the management of the image in the project resources. You can open up the resources for the project and look inside. Site images only refer to those images. So if there’s only one copy of the image inside the Resources, then only one will upload.

(Isaiah Carew) #28

Yes, of course. But once a project is saved with Stacks 4 you should not attempt to open it in Stacks 3 - you will see a nice warning message if you accidentally do that.

(Mike Tobin) #29

So…create the external, but just don’t save? NICE! :slight_smile:


(Dave) #30

Awesome work, @Isaiah!

Many thanks for making it possible for me to earn a very nice living, doing what I really enjoy. With all due respect to the gang at RMS, if it weren’t for Stacks, I’d have long ago been forced to find a different platform.

Thanks, too, for creating such great tutorial videos. Your on-screen presence is very smooth, well-thought-out, and confident. They were a joy to watch.

(Isaiah Carew) #31

Holy moly. Thanks for this. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is for this introvert to do these things. Even if you’re totally lying just to make me feel good – yeah, that’s fine, I’m OK with that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Dave) #32

Totally not lying. I’m sure I speak for others when I say that your videos are extremely easy to watch. Concise…and everything else mentioned just above. :slight_smile:


Totally agree with dave’s comments. :+1:

(doug asherman) #34

Honestly, the videos are great.

Just upgraded to Stacks 4. There was a glitch on one page in a big project so far – I deleted and replaced the header partial and it went away. So far, so good…

(Note: I should say that the header partial that I had to delete and replace was pretty complex: a banner, a preloader, a menu where one of the items was a dropdown that contained nested stacks…it gave me enough trouble that I ended up deleting it and replacing it on every page – at that point the problems went away. I also should say that there was no problem whatsoever with the published version – just with preview, and I was able to fix that easily…)

I wish I’d had this the other day when I decided to standardize the column settings for some column stacks. Multiple selection would’ve come in darn handy, there.

(Scott F) #35

Hi Isaiah,
Thanks for getting back…must be a busy time for you with all our questions.

I’m still a bit confused about how images are now handled in Stacks 4 and have actually done a test site and loaded it with a few image stacks - your “Site Image”, JW’s “Impact” and Foundry’s “Image” stacks.

Here is the link to the test site:

Each time using the same image but taken either from resources or dragged in from desktop. It only appears in the Resources once. But I think it has loaded the image 5 times…but I’m not sure, please see screenshot below.

  1. How many times has the image been loaded?
  2. Which of the stacks apart from your Site Image stack is using the image from Resources?

I really like the idea of only loading an image once even though it is used multiple times in a website. I have a particular website that has many images used many times and I’m using Foundry Image and Gallery plus JW’s Impact stacks and want to find out the best method to setup the images.

Thanks again for your help.


(Doug Bennett) #36

Images with the same file name will load from cache.

The screenshot looks as if you clicked on network tab in the inspector after loading the page. The filenames are listed multiple times(each time they are referneced) but notice that the “transfer size” and “time” columns are blank.

At this point if you empty your cache opt+cmd+E and then refresh the screen the inspector will show actually what gets loaded with size and time:

(Isaiah Carew) #37

To get the benefit of Site Images you have to use Site Images. You can use them with frameworks and anywhere else that says “Drop Stacks Here”. When you use other image types things will always be a mixed bag and depend a lot on the other images and what they’re designed to do.

But I think many frameworks and specialty image types will continue to exist to support the notion of “warehouse images” – essentially accepting a link to an already uploaded image file.

Others may continue to do their own thing to support different images depending on the device viewing the image – or locales for supporting different languages. In those cases loading an image specific for that purpose is the a feature that people need.

I hope, in time, that even frameworks and special cases like those above will start accepting site images – at least as an option. But I think that shift will take time.

(Roger Harris) #38

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this but…

I’ve noticed that changes I make to partials while in the partial editing window are not updating the preview or simulate windows…? I’ve noticed this using UIKit and doing things like adding menu items to a navbar. Nothing happens in the preview until I come back out of the partial. Then it updates fine. I don’t remember this from V3.

May be framework specific but thought I’d mention it.

Edit: In fact I’m seeing lots of issues with the ‘Simulator’ that used to be fine. i.e. things look different from the ‘preview’. This is a major pain as I work with the simulator open all the time so I can design quickly. Not sure how to fix other than going back to Stacks 3 for now… Unless someone knows of a way of getting a real time preview in a browser window?

(Doug Bennett) #39

I don’t see this one listed as one of the three bugs in @isaiah thread

(Roger Harris) #40

I looked on there first before posting. It could be a UIKit thing of course so I posted over on RW4ALL and @Lucas is looking into it.