Stripe SCA update required with Checkout stack and RapidCart Pro

RapidCart Pro now requires PHP 5.6 or higher.
Please check your web server is running a valid PHP version.

Hey Rob,

I’m having similar problems with Stripe. I have followed the instructions listed but cannot proceed to the final payment. My site was working fine with Stripe until very recently. Paypal is working perfectly. I checked my PHP and I’m running version 5.6.40-0+deb8u6. I’ve rolled the API and used the new numbers and it’s still not working. When I try and check out (final step) I get the following error:

Is it something I’m doing wrong on my end?

My server is running PHP 7.1

I’ve just tried and it seems to work correctly.

Did you finally manage to fix the problem?

Very strange.

I’m still getting the same error on my desktop and mobile.

I get this far and when I hit the green “Pay with Credit Card” button I get the error page HTTP ERROR 500 message.

In my test it works correctly.
Error 500 means that web server had an error and couldn’t handle it.
Please send your PHP error log file to

Thank you for your quick reply.
As I said above, the PHP version is 7.1 on Linux server (Godaddy). Let me confirm that RapidCart Pro 4.17 is compatible with PHP7.1. I also noticed that all the stacks (store, grid, product, cart) still showed version 4.15 in library while the plugin showed it’s 4.17 in Plugin menu.

I got nothing else to try after confirming the test website with a single page, one item cart doesn’t work on my server.

I called my web hosting service to downgrade PHP to 5.6, clear the server, upload everything, same result. Same result - blank page at ‘Payment’ tag.

Also, ‘No payment methods available.’ message shows at ‘Payment’ page when I input my area in ‘Cart’ > ‘Setting’ > Stripe > Countries Availabiliy.
I can see Payment Method back again when I delete above, but it shows blank page again.

Stripe requires HTTPS now.

Right, thank you, however my main site uses https and it behaves in the same way. It can be an issue around https.
I can not share the cart on my main site right now but will try.

What about the error code I posted? That was from my main site running under SSL.

One more thing, Yuzool’s check out is working fine with Stripe.

Here is the test cart with one item on my main domain with SSL
https://[LINK REMOVED]

Still exactly same situation, getting blank page after ‘Review’, where people type their credit card info. Getting this error in debug mode.

Notice : Undefined offset: 2 in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCController.php on line 1180

Recoverable fatal error : Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCPayment.php on line 434

It also as soon as I put my area in ‘Coutries Availability’ (Under Cart > Payment > Stripe), the payment method disappear as well. It does same thing to PayPal or other method. I put BC Canada then the credit card option is gone.

RapidCart Pro 4.17
Stacks 4.0.3
PHP 7.1
Linux server

Tested browser
Safari 13.0.1, Firefox 69.0.1

Follow up:

Before getting the error message above, the debug console shows below. ‘Subtotal’ shows proper amount from shopping cart, [price] under [Payment] is zero. [price] => 0
Does this mean something?

[payment] => stdClass Object
[method] => stdClass Object
[enable] => 1
[position] => 2
[requireCreditCard] => 1
[button] => Pay with Credit Card
[countries] => Array

                [helperFolder] => Stripe
                [commission] => 0
                [commissionMode] => fixed
                [type] => stripe
                [name] => Credit Card
                [icon] => credit-card
                [testMode] => 
                [selected] => 
                [price] => 0
                [creditCardNumber] => 

        [price] => 0
        [valid] => 1

[taxesRates] => Array
        [0] => 12
        [1] => 0
        [2] => 0

[count] => 1
[weight] => 0
[subtotal] => 15
[total] => 15
[taxes] => 0
[defaultTaxes] => 0
[costs] => stdClass Object
        [total] => 0
        [list] => Array



I also tried PayPal which I gave up 2 years ago. It works in test mode (sandbox) but when I go live, ‘select a payment method’ pops up and it won’t proceed any further.

×: PayPal Live > ‘Select a payment method’ pops up when I select PayPal and click next
○: PayPal Test mode (sandbox checked)
×: Stripe > everything works smoothly until I click green ‘Pay with Credit Card’ button. It gives me a blank page. In debug mode, it shows the error code below

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCController.php on line 1180
Recoverable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /home/s2s99/public_html/rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/system/RCPayment.php on line 434

×: Stripe Test mode > same as above
○: Direct Payment > works
×: Cart>Payment>Countries Availability As soon as I input the area/country, the payment method box disappears

Web hosting server: Godaddy
Linux server
PHP 7.1
TLS 1.1 &1.2 (not 1.0)
MySQL 5.6.44-cll-Ive

My environment
OX MacOS 10.14.6
RapidWeaver Version 7.5.7 (18828)
Theme JW Foundation 1.8.1
Stacks 4.0.3
RapidCart Pro 4.17
Tested browser: Safari 13.0.1, Firefox 69.0.1

All I can think of trying is upgrading to RapidWeaver 8 or switch to Windows hosting server.
I really want to know if I am the only one dealing with this issue and am looking wrong direction.
I need to announce our cart is not functioning to my customers the day after tomorrow.

@Bin4 Cannot debug your code by forum posts. Please contact us at possibly giving me temporary access to your FTP server. Thanks.

I have sent you the information to the email address. Thank you,

Now I have to open the website again and can not keep the test cart on my server.
I am uploading the actual cart. It is basically the same cart as test with more products.
You are welcome to check the files there but let me know when you need to touch.
I am going to use Yuzool’s ‘checkout’ as a temporary solution.

I hope you have seen the issue that I have been dealing with and am still hoping you can solve the issue very soon.
Thank you,

Have same issue! On my website. I have people wanting to order but as soon as they get to the stripe page they get a 500 error “ is currently unable to handle this request.” Please advise.

We have just released RapidCart Pro 4.17.2 that fixes some Stripe integration problems.


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