Stuart and Shaking The Habitual

I just have to give a shout out to Stuart at ShakingTheHabitual for two incredible things.

I’m not sure if I should first thank him for his incredible customer service or if I should first congratulate him on the amazing Charter Stack found here

Maybe Stuart’s customer service and Charter Stack are actually inseparable.

I bought Charter when first introduced but haven’t had time to build a project with it until now, and it’s dazzling–as others on this forum can attest.

There is a learning curve involved, and Stuart very patiently walked me through it via email–usually within 2 or 3 minutes–through four or five emails.

I’m not used to that.

Stuart’s in the UK, and I’m in the US–there’s at least a 6-hour time difference, but he was still answering emails to me when it had to be around 1 am his time–on a Sunday.


The web is a tremendous resource and the importance of conveying a lot of information quickly cannot be over-emphasized enough, and Charter might be my most important stack now.

Thanks Stuart for shaking my habitual.


Thanks so much @davidfreels. That’s very much appreciated. I have 2 very young kids which makes support at some very random hours possible! And I am going to show this to my wife to see if it stops her eyes rolling the next time I say ‘i just need to quickly answer this email’! :wink:

I do plan on putting a couple of tutorial videos together for Charter stack as I do appreciate that it’s perhaps not the simplest stack in the world to use at the outset.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


I love seeing threads like this, keep up the good work everyone!


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