Substiture for Image Shuffler

I have a large number of images of varying dimensions that I need to put into a lightbox. RW 5 supported a plugin from CosCulture called Image Shuffler which was perfect for my needs. It is no longer supported in RW 6. I have searched for a plugin that will work in a similar fashion as Image Shuffler for RW 6. Here is a link to an existing page using Image Shuffler. Can anyone make a suggestion?

Do you use Stacks? If so try Doobox Image Pop stack in a 4 or 5 column stack - it’s an absolute breeze to use, very fast and images can be moved around easily. However, does NOT offer the slideshow function if this is important to you. Essentially it takes any image and displays as a square thumb. Clicking then opens to full size landscape or portrait makes no difference. One tip, decide on your borders and margins early on - then copy subsequent stacks so they have the same settings

Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at the suggested stack and it did not really fit my need. I finally ended up using Doobox Montage 2.

@Hanko I love that theme what is it called?

The theme is Qube v2.12 by Nimblehost