Sudden FTP fail in reason theme

Site is, RW version 7.5.2. Started a new site using the Reason theme (nothing fancy, not using stacks etc as I am a relative newbie) and managed to create/publish the site structure and some content just fine.

Then I tried renaming some of the folder settings (e.g. from ‘styled-8’ to ‘summary’) and now publish fails with ‘FTP application callback’ errors. FTP creates some basic RW folders but cannot create the folders the html should go in.

The site permissions are fine (spent most of the day chatting to hosting tech support) and the site uploads OK and creates the required folder structure if I use other themes, just not the Reason theme.

Any one had this problem? Any solutions? Thanks in advance.

My standard advice in ALL situations involving failure to publish is this:

  1. Instead of publishing, do the local export (to a folder on your computer);
  2. Get a FTP application – free or paid – like Yummy, Transmit, etc;
  3. Using the FTP app, go to your space on the server;
  4. Delete everything that RW has published previously;
  5. Using the FTP app, upload your locally exported site to the server.

Use same procedure in the future. This is what many of us do – to avoid all the hurdles that RW’s publishing throws at us.

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Thanks Rob D, I thought that might be the answer as I’ve seen other people with publisher problems on this forum. It’s a shame, as the rapid upload is one of the things I really like about RW. Cyberduck, here we come…


I forgot one important step. You should slip it in between #3 and #4: Make a backup of everything RW published already. Better yet, backup everything in the root of your site. Then, proceed with deleting old stuff.

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