Suggestion: Change default location of library for stacks and plugins

Hi all

Loving RW since RW4. Thanks to all the support here in the community and to all the devs of great stacks and supporting add-ons that make RW a 4D product.

Scenario: I had to create a new user profile for myself on my iMac yesterday. This meant I had to go into my old profile, deactivate the licence for RW7, go into the new profile and reactivate it. I understand the reasoning behind this as licences are per “user” and one Mac could potentially have more than one RW user.

However, the greater issue was the new profile of RW did not contain my plugins, stacks, themes etc. These are all stored in the individual user profile. I had to assign myself permissions in my old user profile on Mac to allow my new user profile access to my old library folder; then sign in as my new profile and copy the com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver resources from the container folder to my new user library/container… THEN there was a lot of laborious finding licences and keys and activation codes for my large collection of add-ons. I think I am almost there now many hours later.

Would it be feasible/possible to have the container for com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver stored at the Mac level high up in the hierarchy to resolve this potential expense of energy? Is there a way so that Rapidweaver would still operate in Demo mode for a new user and NOT access the add-ons UNLESS RW was activated- and in that case the add-ons would magically become enabled and accessible?

Sticking by my company mantra- Do Less. Do It Well.


One of the new features of RW 7 was the ability to create a user selectable addons folder.


Many thanks Teefers: had not seen this feature. THIS is what the forum is all about.

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