Suggestions for the new Squash 3

Hi @dan my compliments for the Squash 3!
I have two suggestions:

1) This is the most important! As you can see in the first attached screenshot the image width is always 100% to fill the container. this is fine if the original image is larger than the size in which it is displayed. But it’s no good for images with small width because (in the screenshot the original image has width = 600 px) because you cannot perceive the difference between the original and the “compressed” version, precisely because the original image is also shown larger than its size.
So it would be useful to be able to manage the zoom level of the image. Or simply that the image is never displayed beyond its original size.

2) Referring to the second screenshot, it would be useful to be able to manage the size of the previews in the grid, perhaps being able to manage the number of columns. Fewer columns = bigger preview. More columns = smaller preview.


Hi @dan, is there any chance to have point 1 suggestion in the next update of Squash?

@iografico ah yeah that’s been added high on the list, not as simply to implement as it should be :woozy_face:

We’ll try and get it done sooner rather than later though. Hang in there.

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Thank you Dan :grin:

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