Support/Contact for Yuzool?

Same here, even though I have read negative reviews, it seemed he had what I needed, but no replies what-so-ever, missed opportunity for some positive Feedback I would suggest…

Still looking for a calendar/booking/Stripe plugin…


Paypal closed the dispute in my favor and refunded the paid amount.
Just point Paypal to this page as it says more than enough about what we’re dealing with here:
A scoundrel!

As the saying goes “Once forgiven Twice a fool” Im a fool I bought this stack thinking it looked pretty cool… it does…shame it don’t work. Im not using foundation on the site I want to put it on … any clues on how to get it to work on a mobile phone

Might want to tell us what stack you bought and what it’s not doing.

Yes sorry. I Bought Messenger2 I seem to be able to get it to work on my desktop but not on my iPhone.
on the mobile it won’t open at all … just a pretty icon

Hello All,

I am working with Michael at Yuzoolthemes. Sorry about the recent lack of support. Michael has been focused on another project recently. We will be monitoring the forum more closely. Meanwhile, we opened another email, Please use that email as well so we can resolve any problems or issues you may have. Kind regards,**

Support Team at


Glad to hear he might be trying. He has a lot of bridges to rebuild and financial issues to rectify. I would think first if he really wants to be reaccepted.

The link to the website is not valid. When I manually fixed it the website did not load for over 60 seconds. I left.


Sorry, I am a little confused. Are you talking about the yuzoolthemes site? If so, we have optimized the site’s load time by over 50 percent in this past week? We will try to build back the bridges one at a time. Kind regards,

Support Team at


Well that’s great, he clearly has some good ideas… but in the meantime he needs to help the rest of us with the issues we are having with his products…

Dear Mr. Whitehead,

Absolutely. Please use our support email ( to forward all issues. Kind regards,

Support Team at


Sorry Sydney, all bridges are burned for me as far as Yuzool and his products are concerned.

Also, you joined this forum a couple of days ago. Have you ever used RapidWeaver? I mean, to offer support, you must be very experienced with RW, no?

My senses are telling me to stay well clear of YuzoolThemes.


Hi Sidney,
Yuzool Support, that sounds nice… i had bought a stack in the past that did not function. I asked for a refund but that never happened. Can we still solve this matter… nb: because of the lack of proper support by Yuzool i also lost a client. I like to add the money that i missed because of that also with the refund i am asking. Can you tell me how we can solve this matter? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there @YuzoolSupport

There is an important thread on this forum you might want to go through and individually address posts there if you wish to repair things and mend wounds with the community here. There’s a lot of wounds in need of mending.

Thread can be found here: Beware Yuzoolthemes


Dear Mr. Shiver,

Noted. The problem is that thread is closed and I cannot re-open it. So difficult to reply. That is why we created a support email ( to address and resolve all outstanding issues. Kind regards,

Support Team


Dear René,

We are sorry to hear about your lost client. Michael still has ownership of the site and it is his job to decide about refunds. My task is to help support all issues and evolve new products. Please let us now try to fix the issue and provide a snapshot so we can see the problem. I will forward your issue to Michael regarding the refund, since he would know the history of your case. What I can do is fix the issue and give you the updated stack. Kind regards,

Support Team


It is easily possible to message the users in that thread or start a new one.

Dear Neil,

Sorry to hear that. I have used RapidWeaver, and I also have a ton of experience with CMS on the Wordpress side as well. Rapidweaver CMS is not as evolved obviously as Wordpress, and I think we can bring more of its functionality in upcoming stacks we are working on. I am a software engineer and have a lot of experience with PHP, Javascript, and SQL along with work in HTML, CSS, and client-server interactions. Anyhow, maybe one day we can change your senses. Good luck to your future endeavors,

Support Team

Noted and thanks.

No, you won’t be able to change my senses. Not in a million years.

What do you mean by “Good luck in my future endeavours”? I’ve been using RapidWeaver for 4 years and continue to use it every day. I just won’t be using any of Yuzool’s stuff.

Yuzool just disappeared for 6+ months, no support and apparently took some people’s money without permission and refused to refund any of it. Now you show up and everything’s supposed to be back to normal.


Dear Neil,

Sorry. There was no intent to offend you in any way. I am sorry about your past experience and I am not here to save the day by showing up. We can only mend and repair as much as we can for those who feel the way you do. All I can promise is that we will do our best going forward, realizing that it may never win back or repair what some feel about Yuzool. Kind regards,

Support Team