Symfonip SoundManFatDeck stack? What was it?

(Greg Schneck) #1

I’ve inherited a broken site to fix… I see it contains a symfonip “SoundManFatDeck” stack (used on a page with links to mp3’s).

A Google search for SoundManFatDeck yield no returns at all. Can find nothing in these forums.

Anyone know what this stack was? Just a mp3 “player” I’m guessing…

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Yes, it was an MP3 player stack by a developer who went out of business. I don’t believe the stack was ever sold to another developer. It was created at a time when the RW universe was smaller and developers were really part-timers who did not depend on the income from stack development at all.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #3

Nope, there were two developers in the SymfonIP group, and one would not let the other sell or even give the rights to their work, so when they split, the stacks/plugins died.

(Greg Schneck) #4

Thanks much! I suspected as much. Will just delete the dead stack and move on…

(system) #5

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