Symfonip SoundManFatDeck stack? What was it?

I’ve inherited a broken site to fix… I see it contains a symfonip “SoundManFatDeck” stack (used on a page with links to mp3’s).

A Google search for SoundManFatDeck yield no returns at all. Can find nothing in these forums.

Anyone know what this stack was? Just a mp3 “player” I’m guessing…

Yes, it was an MP3 player stack by a developer who went out of business. I don’t believe the stack was ever sold to another developer. It was created at a time when the RW universe was smaller and developers were really part-timers who did not depend on the income from stack development at all.

Nope, there were two developers in the SymfonIP group, and one would not let the other sell or even give the rights to their work, so when they split, the stacks/plugins died.

Thanks much! I suspected as much. Will just delete the dead stack and move on…

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