Tabs Not connecting to Pages in CMS it does for 1 page

Can you give me a quick summary/status of what the current issue here is?

Hi Joe I have now got it working I had impact and form-base in admin which when removed worked fine, one problem solved another one shows it’s head.
The fade out that you did a very short while ago works fine in Safari but kill the content stone dead in opera and chrome, I haven’t tried any others, I am sure you must have a solution to this.
I have just started to upload to the site so the only real page to look at is home, which is where this is happening, as i said fine in Safari.

Ah, looks like you have the CMS working :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I do thank you Scott but now I have another issue The fade out-web page works fine in Safari but all the the platforms it fall flat on it’s face and gets stuck hence the headliner on the opening home page, I guess there has to be a fix for this somewhere Scott, I have looked at the support page briefly but didn’t spot a fix.

I am beginning to wish I didn’t upgrade to Catalina as lots of things stopped working, including sound effects, but that has come back thankfully, It’s quite reassuring to hear the swoosh as the emails get sent, that was absent for around a week!

Fade out web page? Is that a stack?

I.e. Catalina, that’s exactly why I have not upgraded yet, I need to find replacements fir a few 32 bit apps I use.

No Joe did it the other day on Youtube using impact slide, impact animation, target and foundation animation, target was set for for the browser, just inside the foundation animation stack the time delay for the slider and the animation to fade out as the animation faded out another animation using fade up in, took the place of the previous stack gliding to the top of the page.

I think the problem lies with Target because on every other platform it fades out and then comes back and the scroll bar doesn’t move the content up or down.
if you look at my home page on any other platform but Safari, you will see what I mean, it needs code to stop the target from freezing the website. Not sure if this makes sense. https:/

Ah, I see. You will probably Ned to get Joe to help with that one.

Hi Joe on the webpage fade out you did recently, I have used it on my site and it works great in Safari, but on all the other platforms that I have tried it freezes with target bringing the fade out back and blocking all other content. I am sure there must be a work around this to stop it happening as it is such a cool transition, especially for mobiles.
I am Just assuming that it is Target causing this.

Does the demo file the I supplied work for you? Publish it and test. I am pretty sure that it does. Then you simply need to figure out what you did differently. One thing that I see if that you are using a slide instead of a fade animation. I am not sure if that would cause an issue or not.

Will do Joe many thanks

Hi Joe you didn’t supply me with a demo file I was trying to copy what you were doing, stopping the video and double checking , but I do tend to skip read from a kid, so maybe i missed a trick if you could give me a link to it I will se if that solves the problem, if thats ok?

The download was in the description of the YouTube video. It was also added to the comments.

Hi Joe Just downloaded the demo and previewed it in all three, fire fox, opera, and chrome and they all do exactly the same as mine on fade and slide, so not sure what is going on. I did look around for some code and it made a difference to the other content working, but still under the Target stack which is fixed to the browser. It seems to me that it needs some code to fade out the target stack. Whether its my computer which is Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) 3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Radeon Pro 570 4 GB

No one got any Ideas then, I love the concept as it shows what we do straight off, unfortunately it leaves a very messy page as it bleeds through, me what do I know I am just a landscaper! but One of you talented guys must have a work around?

Is this a place to get help, perhaps, I am not seeing but can some please show me Joe’s web page fadeout working on a different platform than Safari it works brilliant in Safari, but when I tested Joe’s demo on different platforms it behaved the same as mine froze after initially fading out the page was back pinned to the browser. Ive used some code that gets mine working but it’s a complete mess bleeding through, I have tried adding a a background to the follow up page but that doesn’t seem to work. Do I really have to ditch all this and go to Wordpress. I don’t want to I like to overcome the odds it’s what makes me tick. Come on guy’s.

This is a place to get help but everyone provides it voluntarily when they have time so I’m not sure demanding help is the best way to get the outcome you want.

I can confirm that Joes demo doesn’t work on Opera or Chrome. You could always try Softlanding which works fine for me for a single Impact slide but doesn’t seem to behave when you have more than one.

Many Thanks David,
I don’t mean to be demanding, and I probably do need to be more patient, so very sorry if I come across wrongly .

You might consider starting a new post if the subject changes.

The post title is about “tabs not connecting in CMS”. Is that still the subject of your question?

Folks will skip over post that they don’t think they know anything about.

Many, Many, Thanks Teefers, Soft Landing has done the trick,
thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you Will Woodgate

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