Taking Fees for a Service, rather than a product or Download


I am trying to build a Rpaidweaver website with the functionality of being able to take payment for a Service, for example a fee that a client needs to pay once we have hit a particular stage of a contract.

Ideally I would like 2 scenarios :slight_smile:

A client to visit our website and make payment, and/or
We send a link to a client that will take them to the website, but will pre-populate a visible or hidden field that would be the contract Reference

Whilst we could put a range of fee amounts as individual products, if we could have the field for the amount charged to also be variable, that would be really good for us.

Having set something up with variable fields before, i guess you could still do this via a URL setting (using β€˜?’ and the field name perhaps) but not sure if there is an equivalent option / Plug in / stack that would allow this?

So for example. we would need to creat e a bespoke URL, passing the Surname, Case Number, and Fee through the URL (if that is an option) and then the client makes the payment of the fee outstanding.

if the client just went to the website of their free will, and clicked on a particular page that was set up for taking payment, they could pass those details manually.

Has anyone tried to do this (successfully or not), and if so, could you point me in the right tools for the job!

Many Thanks in advance!


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I think I would create a membership site where clients log in to get to invoices. I like your idea just needs some thought. I would possibly start with a Sitelok. and look at how it handles groups and users.

Me personally I would do this in Filemaker Pro and host it on my filemaker server using webdirect Fast simple and I can full control how it works that way. Then link it to my site in RW.

No need for implementing that on a website.

Set up a contract where all this is declared, and let the customer pay for each milestone (via PayPal for example).

My 2 c


Might the Invoice stack from Yuzool be useful in implementing Jannis’s suggestion: https://www.yuzoolthemes.com/themes/invoice/ ?


Thanks all for your suggestions, really appreciated

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