Tesla Theme - no scroll down (mobile devices)

hello, I’ve just created a website using the built in RW theme Tesla. When testing the website on a mobile device I’ve noticed that there the scroll down button is missing whereas the scroll up button still exists.

Since the Tesla theme is based on a big header image and the content starting below (hence the scroll down button that scrolls the page up in a way the menu is on top with the content below) this scroll down button is essential and yes it is essential on a mobile device too.

I’ve checked all the settings but I couldn’t find anything to turn it off and on. Is this intentionally done or is this a bug?

That appears to be a design part of the Tesla Theme. There is a media query set at max-width: 768px for #scroll_down_button that sets the display to none.
The Tesla Pro version seems to offer an option to hide or show.

Where can I find that setting in the theme? I assume that it is a CSS or JavaScript definition and maybe I can change this setting myself.

It is a CSS media query.

  1. In RW8 locate the Tesla Theme.
  2. Right click and duplicate the Theme
  3. Give it a name
  4. Find the duplicate - right click and select show in finder
  5. You should see a listing like This
  6. under CSS folder in the Theme copy you should find a file called media_queries.css
  7. open this with a text editor such as vsCode, BBEdit etc.
    Search for #scroll_down_button. You should see this:
  8. Remove the #scroll_down_button and the comma on the line above
    should look like this:
  9. save the file and test.

I have not done the last step, so good luck.


thanks Doug
I have just searched that declaration in the local copy of my website and removed it. I’ve tested the website with a webbrowser by narrowing the window until I got the hamburger menu and yes the scroll_down_button stays there.
Modifying the theme within RW will follow next.

Again thank you for your help.

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