The new RapidWeaver Knowledge Base is now live

Hey Weavers,

I’m pleased to announcement our new Knowledge Base is finally online. While it’s not complete, it’s a good start and we’re busy working on it and adding content every day. It’s not linked to from the main website (yet), so this is a beta of sorts.

Expect to see this Knowledge Base turn into a deep treasure trove of information and help on everything RapidWeaver related. We’ll have Getting Started Guides, Website Solutions and so much more.

Our new website will also be online in the coming weeks. It will link to the new Knowledge Base on it’s revamped help page, here’s a sneaky-peaky of the new Realmac Website:

Keep on weaving, we’ve got lots of great stuff lined up for this year.




Lots of useful new articles have gone live this week on the RapidWeaver Knowledge Base.

Be sure to take a look at the Website Solutions section, and the Getting Started guide if you’re new to RapidWeaver.

We’re also building out the troubleshooting section, along with a handy guide if you’re having issues publishing your website.

Lots more to come. Keep Weaving!

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We’ve started adding videos to the RapidWeaver Knowledge base, we’re covering the basics first.

We have one on general troubleshooting, and one on how to fix publishing issues, and there’s also one on using the Styled Text page.

These will be available on the RapidWeaver Community site shortly, and are also available on the Realmac YouTube channel.

Happy Weaving!

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