Theme tag troubles

I had someone report what seemed like a bug today. They said that when they would search for “Foundry” in the theme selector in RapidWeaver they would also get the Foundation theme in addition to the Foundry theme they’d searched for. I assumed it was a mistake and that they’d just typed out the first few letters – maybe something like “Found” – and that was why they were seeing both themes.

After expressing this to them they sent me a screenshot to show that they were indeed typing out the full name – “Foundry” – in their search:

I was going to come here to report this as a bug to @dan and @tpbradley, thinking it might be a problem with the search function in RapidWeaver. Before doing so I wanted to make sure I had checked for user error. I asked the user look at something for me before I did submitted the bug report.

Since I don’t own a copy of Foundation v6 I asked the user to go to their themes folder and open the PLIST file of the Foundation v6 theme for me and send me a screenshot of the RWThemeKeywords section.

This is what they sent over:

Ooof. This kind of stuff is just so counterproductive. It confuses users and makes the community look bad.

It clearly isn’t a mistake as it isn’t just Foundry that has been added to the Foundation v6 RWThemeKeywords but also Freestack, which is a theme by @blueballdesign as well.

Personally I can’t think of a good reason to list other developer’s products in the keywords of ones own product.

Would it be possible to get this cleared up @joeworkman?

Wow. This is so wrong. Can’t say I am surprised that Joe is doing this though unfortunately. Glad you brought this to everyone’s attention Adam.


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Hey guys,

The keywords section in a theme is only used in RapidWeaver’s theme browser to aid searching. At this point all searchable themes would have been purchased by the user so I can’t see any financial or SEO gains from doing this.

That said, it’s definitely confusing for the user and would be great to get this tidied up. @joeworkman can you make this happen?


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I see Joe has updated Foundation again.

Theme keywords are only used for theme search, and not used by the community site. I’m not sure what the benefit of adding other product names to your own theme is, perhaps @joeworkman can explain?

We don’t want to waste time working around things like this when we have better things do, but it seems like we have no other option. We’ll ship an update to RW that fixes this search issue shortly.

Stay safe, and keep weaving!



Ha! You found that quick @dan. Come on, you had to have gotten at least a chuckle when you saw that.

I saw this thread earlier yesterday but chose to ignore it because, like Dan said, I had more important things to do yesterday. I had to get a Foundation update out the door. I finally shipped around 7pm and just didn’t have the energy to try and reply to this.

To begin with, Foundation has had the FreeStack tag forever. Search and you will see that the F1 theme come up as well. Charlie, its nice to see you still around. With all due respect, FreeStack has not been updated in 5, 6, maybe more years. Both Foundation and Foundry are good modern alternatives that are actively developed.

As for the Foundry tag, all you need to look at for why is the very next tag… The Best Theme Ever. It’s obvious that I was having a bit of fun with myself. You guys need to lighten up! As Tom pointed out, there is no benefit in me doing this. If a user searches for Foundry, guess what? He gets what he wanted, Foundry!

If that really was a user’s screenshot, then he purchased both products. We both made money. Congratulations. Good job.

As long as we are talking about confusing customers… I released Foundation six years ago and, as you know, it became a pretty popular product. After a couple of years, I heard Adam was going to be releasing a stack based theme. Cool. But then I heard he was going to name it Foundry. Not cool. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that name is really close to what the most popular stacks at that time was. I emailed Adam months before it launched nicely asking him to reconsider the name. I felt at the time that naming a similar product with a similar name would confuse users. We all know how this story ended. Foundry shipped. And I was correct. For years now, new users have mixed up our products.

I have another fun story that I am reminded of everyday that I visit this forum. Let me tell you the story behind Adam’s profile image on this forum. I think it was last year, there was a user on this forum with an insanely annoying gif. He was a regular poster and I have to look at this gif all day long. I swear it could cause some people to have a seizure. The stacks devs were chatting about it in the dev slack channel. Many people were in agreement that the gif was crazy. I decided to send a PM to this user requesting that he consider changing the profile pic. It worked. The gif is gone. Thank God!

I had many users comment in my user slack channel that they were very glad the gif was gone. It was good for the community. It may have even saved the RW forums! (j/k) However, Adam was so offended that I would violate this user’s right to free speech or something. I was never really clear on how he could be offended by what was clearly a good thing for everyone. So in retaliation, Adam immediately changed his profile image to be a gif. Thank goodness his gif is actually pretty cool and wont cause anyone to have a seizure. But I have to admit that I have to shake my head every time I see it because I remember why its there.

I tell you this story because, in case you did not know, Adam straight up does not like me. Why? I don’t know. It used to really bother me, actually. Adam is a super talented guy and we did a few really successful launches together. Foundry and all of his other products are beautiful. I wish things were different between us but I have given up caring what he thinks of me.

Back to business… I will consider updating the tags in the next F6 theme update.

Dan, there is no need to waste Tom’s time on anything related to this. You have much bigger issues to fry. Onwards to RW9!

Hi Joe,

Actually FreeStack Responsive is still widely used with RapidWeaver 8 users and works great with it. I answer support on it still on an almost daily basis. I still sell FreeStack Responsive theme packs each month too although not anywhere near the volume I used to.

I think you are missing the point here that Adam was making. You are gaming the system and basically thumbing your nose at other developers by doing this. And it is unethical at best to do this. But maybe your ego won’t let you see that.

Anyway, do what you want to do. I had hoped you were better than this but based on your reply, evidently not. I’m done with this.


I didn’t say that Freestack wasn’t still used. I know for a fact that it is. I said that it was no longer actively developed. If that is not the case, my apologies. I know of a couple of very attractive sites that are built with Freestack that are still maintained to this day. I was not banging you or the product. It was a trailblazer in its day.

I said I would update the tags in an update. I am not sure what else you expected.