Themes JQuery reference. Http vs HTTPS

(Nicko) #1

Hi Weavers,

This is well beyond my knowledge, so I’d love some expert advice, if someone has a moment.

I’m setting up Sitelok and it seems that my RW theme (HERO2 Yuzoolthemes) is loading JQuery. The problem is that the reference to jquery is http rather than https.

My site is secured - https. How do I change the JQuery reference from http to https?

Side Note: I would like to mention that Adrian from Sitelok has been absolutely awesome to deal with & has been so so helpful with support! He has gone above and beyond - He offers great service and I’m very grateful! If you’re building a member ship site, I recommend looking at Sitelok by Vibralogix.

Any advice or help would be awesome.


(Stuart) #2


I will help you with this.

I’ll send you a PM and we’ll get you up and running with https to jQuery as quickly as possible.
Hope that works okay for you?

(Nicko) #3

That would be awesome. Thank you

(Stuart) #4

My pleasure.

PM Sent.

(Michael Frankland) #5

Thanks @Nicko - I also emailed you the latest version of this theme which works over SSL earlier today. Good luck in the project :slight_smile:

(Nicko) #6

Thanks Michael,

I got that - thank you for that!