Tool / App for planning website structure & content

I use
If you search in this forum, there schould be a post from me about it.
Found it: Planning a RapidWeaver / Stacks project with a MindMap

For writing content (and a book), I use DevonThink Pro Office.

unfortunately no one-time purchase possible :-1:

Not a problem for me at all. Money keeps software developers do cool things! :wink:
No money, no innovation.

And for a professionally paranoid like me: There‘s also proof that subscription models for software with services attached (hosting etc) bear a higher chance of coping with cyberthreats.

Curio ( and OmniGraffle ( are two other options to look at.

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@dadama – whoo! …curio is another interesting suggestion!

I have tested a lot of different apps and approaches the last couple of days. but what made me yell “that´s it” at first sight turned out to become “…not really” after digging deeper. :frowning:

Scrivener seems very strong, but complicated in certain fields.
ithoughts is great, but concentrates very much on mind mapping and lacks the ability to manage a lot of content effectively.

So: next stop curio - will have a look at it. thank you for the link!