Total Blog - Edit rejected blog posts

Using the blog in TotalCMS, I’m finding that, if I miss a field (eg Author), the blog is rejected (Author is required), but nothing is saved - ie there is no draft created.

Am I missing something?


No, I believe if you set it to required then nothing is saved unless all required fields are present.


If you set a field to be required, the form is expecting it to be there. Seems logical to me that the form will fail if you do not fill in that field. No?

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Well, with that logic, if someone enters a bad email address in your form, the first and last name fields would be wiped out rather than the error message asking the user to fix the address? It would be great to just get an error message, rather than losing a blog post…


ps. I love the photos of (I presume) your family in the Eclipse demo.

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