Total CMS Feed not showing on mobile

Rapidweaver 8.4.1
Total CMS 1.5.5
Foundation 1.7.4

Hi all. I’ve got Total CMS working. I made a “Feed” which works and displays on desktop. But on Tablet or Mobile the feed cards (or list) disappear. Of course the “Hide this stack” for tablet or mobile options are not selected. I’ve also left the Feed settings at default. Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? Where would I start looking for a cause?


It would help if you provide a link to the page so we can see what might be happening…

Oops! Thanks

This is the stack arrangement of the page. The 1-column and the Feed are both set to show for all platforms. What might be the cause of a disappearing feed for tablet / mobile?


This CSS will fix it for you…

.total-feed-list .post{display:block!important}

However, I do strongly urge you to use Blog instead of Feed. Its much more powerful and flexible.

That did the trick, thanks!!

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