Total CMS Joe workman Gallery Problem

Hi ,

I have a strange problem with the gallery CMS plugin from Joe Workman.

When you follow this link to the gallery,
and click on the second dog picture gallery ( Endless Love Elmanita - Roos)
you will notice the lightbox popup is to large, no controls visible, and no scrolling.

clicking on a normal picture, like this below this page
the lightbox is working fine…

Somebody any idea?


Surprised any of this works at all, your server is running PHP 5.4.45, you need to update it to at least 5.6, but I would even ask your host to update it to 7.1 as both 5.6 and 7.0 will be end of life by end of the year and no longer supported by the PHP Community. Learn more about PHP Versions at the PHP Wiki.

Also, you say this is Total CMS, but according to our debug tools (how I got your PHP version), you are running Easy CMS.

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