Transferring a drawing to Rapid Weaver

Hi, I have a pencil drawing of a rose, given to me, which i have dropped into Pages . I would like to cut and paste it into my rapid weaver website, but it refuses to cut and paste or copy if I try to drop it on Styled text it disappears . There must be some way it can be done, but it is elusive . Your help requested , thanks

You need to save the drawing as a JPG. Then you’ll be able to drag and drop it into a Styled Text page.


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Hi Vernon,

you can copy your drawing and paste it in Photoshop, then save it as jpg or png. If you can’t copy your drawing in Pages you could make a screenshot and work from there. It’s all about having the right format (.png or .jpg)


An even easier way is to use one of these to take a screen shot.

Sometimes this is used when copy/paste isn’t working or feasible…
If i’t’s saved as a .png, you can export it as a .jpg from preview where it should open by default. And you can resize it or adjust other properties.
Of course, you may want to adjust the background, that would require further editing.
BTW, you never explained which program the picture opens in when you view it prior to dropping it in pages …

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