Typed.com future

There no longer appears to be a dedicated typed.com forum.
As a long term user and founding member I’m very concerned with the future of typed.com.
I recently was experimenting with publishing to typed.com using (for instance) marsedit.
When I started searching for answers to setting up marsedit, such as api endpoint url,
I realised how support for typed.com seems to have dwindled.
Can you offer me any reassurance, or do I have to start looking for alternatives?

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Hey Bill (& other Typed users)

For the last 8+ months, Typed.com has been running at a loss. I’ve tried hard to make Typed.com viable, it’s a great platform and I still believe in it. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to cost. I can’t run Typed.com indefinitely at a loss. No one can run a business at a loss.

I’m thankful to everyone that backed Typed in the initial campaign, I truly wanted it to be a platform people can rely on.

Typed.com will stay online for the time being. At some point this year, I’ll put the plans in place to close the service down. I’ll make an official announcement when that happens.

In the meantime, you can export your content (including images) from the Settings area in the typed.com dashboard.


Hi @dan,

I regret that :disappointed_relieved:

Where exactly is that export functionality (I guess I overlooked). Could you post a screenshot of that?

Thanks, Jannis

@instacks - Sorry, this feature should be available later this week/early next. (it’s currently only on our dev environment).

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hey @dan,

its sad to hear that… Well, but before typed.com will disappear completely, do you think it could be possible to transform it into an open-source, self-hosted service? This way typed could stay, and with @instacks blog-stack everybody would be able to run a blog on a rw-website without needing a cms or a paid service…I’m sure this community would love to use typed this way :slight_smile:

~ N

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Hey @Noridge,

It’s a nice idea, but typed.com is pretty complex and not built for personal installs. Having said that I will consider it and see what we can do.



Very sad. I moved to Wordpress months ago, reading the writing on the wall.

@Noridge that sounds like a great idea, hope @dan can find a way of doing it, or maybe transferring to one of the developers to make it happen?



Hi Dan. Very sad to hear about typed.com reaching it’s demise - can you please give us the export functionality asap as need to work on moving on blog now.


John Paul

Yes, would love to see the exported content in order to build a importer for Pulse CMS 5 by @yuzool :slight_smile:


Hey @dan

Any word on the exporter?



I would really appreciate an answer on this. It’s going to cost me a lot of (free) work when you shut typed.com down and I need to get on top of things.

In the meantime, is there a way to download images from a typed post?

I (and others) would really like some answers.

Thank You

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We hope to have the export function online soon.

In the meantime; you can copy and paste and drag and drop the images from your post to do the export manually. I know it’s not ideal, but if you want to get started moving your site, this is the best way to do it.


I know that this is an old topic, but I felt that this was a better place to vent (rather than starting a new thread).

Being a founding member, like the OP, it hurts to see Typed.com shut down. I realize that RealMac needs to make money, but from my perspective, RealMac made $399 off of my KickStarter investment, and I have nothing to show for it now. I never even received the t-shirt that was suppose to be included in my tier of contribution.

If Typed.com had been transferred to a new company, or offered as a open source project, I’d be fine with it living on in some form.

I have an older friend that is a magician. He is not technologically savvy. He wanted a simple website that would advertise his shows. I opted to use Typed.com, as it more than met his needs, and he could log in and make simple edits. Because of my investment, I told him that his website needs were set for life.

Needless to say, I am not very happy over this. And given past experiences with RealMac investments (the Typed app (that never connected to Typed.com); LittleSnapper/Ember for Mac and iOS; Clear for Mac and iOS; Courier; Analog…), well, I’ve lost faith in the company.

I know that business can be tough, and that hard decisions sometimes need to be made. But my investments in RealMac software are at an end.

I apologize for venting in the forum, but I needed some form of closure over this. It stills hurts, but the hurt is a little less now.