Typer - Another great FREE stack for RapidWeaver from Big White Duck

This is the Typer stack from Big White Duck. Typer can simply type out text like this paragraph. The other examples show the other effects that you can achieve. By separating text with commas or other delimiters, Typer will highlight and replace the text sequentially as if it is being corrected.

Create an animated typing effect, animate headlines and lots more.

The simplest of all Typer effects is used on the Big White Duck Logo on our site.

Typer allows you to specify a series of words or phases, Smart Replace will just highlight and replace those characters and words that are changed from one phase to the next.

This is exactly the same as if you were highlighting and retyping the text yourself. See our site for an example of how it works.

You can add lead in and following text that is not animated. This is a great time saver and saves replication in the animated text input.

There are controls for continuous or only once animation and the color and background of the highlight can be styled. Animation can begin on page load, after a delay or when the stack comes into view.

You can set Typer to be either paragraph text or any heading level you want from h1 though h6.

Visit our Product Page or our Demo Page to get more information and see all of the cool effects.

This is a Free stack that can be used with ANY RapidWeaver theme, but if you feel so inclined, you can Donate a coffee for all of our hard work.

We hope you enjoy this stack.


Just FYI, your demo link leads to a 404.

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the demo link worked fine for me – perhaps just temporary server issue.

@Bioguy thanks for the report, try this link to the Demo Page

I also added a link to it in the main post.

I wasn’t very clear; the demo page link on your post is fine. I meant the red button at the bottom of the Typer product page that reads “Demo site”.

The URL for that button is: “http://demo.bigwhiteduck.com/demos” which still gives a 404, at least for me.

Cool stack, BTW, didn’t mean to derail your product announcement with a mundane typo. :confused:

Yup, we know about that, thanks for helping out though!! :smile:

@Bioguy Thanks for the heads up - you were right the link was missing. I have fixed it now.