Unable To Publish from RW6, But Ok From RW5: Exception Error

Hello- Just migrated from RW 5 to 6. When I try to publish from 6, I get an error:

Exception error while exporting site
-[RWPage Depth]: Unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fe…

Exports ok from RW5

Setup: Lastest RW, Latest Stacks 3, Checked all the updates. Using Michel David Design’s Endeavor and various stacks.

Any thoughts?


I just invited you to another forum thread to make sure you went through the update process from 5 to 6 properly first.

To me, this error sounds like the project file was not correctly converted over from RW5 (99% usual reason is instructions linked to not followed)

Try a reboot

Another thing to check out is this publishing FAQ on Realmac’s support site.


Hey @Turtle - Thanks for the suggestions. Think I might have found the problem, but am still making sure its correct.

What it looks like is that I have to remove a imported Yabdab FormLoom 2.0.9 page, and rebuild it. So far, it looks to be the cause. From what I can see, going from RW5 to 6 with a FormLoom 2.0.9 page already in the sandwich is causing issues. Once I remove it and just rebuild it, it looks like its uploading. But I need to make sure this is stable and will report back.


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Hello Again- Yup, that seems to have been the culprit. The work around was to delete the FormLoom page and just rebuild it. Totally works now.

Gotta say, it seems like it exports faster. At least it feels snappier than RW5.


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You may want to make sure your third-party plugins are up to date - this was addressed in an update to Formloom IIRC.

What @nikf said :slightly_smiling:

Also, we recommend never using @import.

Good Morning and thanks for the help.

I promise, I was a good boy and made sure everything was up to date :smiley: Doesn’t mean I was perfectly successful since I rarely am. But, in the end, I think it was something skunky I had in that one page. I had another FormLoom page that transferred over fine, so it was something specific to this one page.

As for @import… if that’s something with PlusKit, I’m not using it. If its not, chances are I’m not since I don’t recognize it :blush:

But, in the end, its working quite nice. I’ve totally gotten use to RW6 and much prefer it now. Well done!


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