Unsplash image format

@dan – Currently RW pulls in images from Unsplash (in the RW Resources) as PNGs it seems. Would it be possible to have these imported as JPGs instead? This would drastically shrink the file size of these images.

We looked at doing that, but it’s against the API terms (when we implemented it). Will revisit it for RW9.

For now, you can change it in the prefs…

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That’s just the physical dimensions in the RW preferences though right?

Their hot linking example uses JPGs:


This page seems to show, in the example, that you can request a format:


Nope, they are jpg’s…

I just did a test and the images I put into RapidWeaver (via Unsplash into a styled text page) were all jpgs.

Do you have an example where it’s put in PNG’s?

Just emailed you a download link to an example project.