[UPDATE] 🎉 Project Listing Available Now! (New Product Types on The RapidWeaver Community)

I’m planning to add additional product types to the rapidweavercommunity.com site. Could you let me know what you think of the following. Does it cover all RapidWeaver related products? Am I missing anything? Would you like any other product types to be added?


Online apps, desktop apps, pre-built project files.


Would allow you to add multiple addons to a “bundle” — you’d submit all the bundled addons to the site as normal. If you don’t want your bundled addons to be displayed individually, you could mark them as “bundled”, which would remove them from the standard listings.

Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

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In utilities, you could add also rwsnippets
(or call them widgets, right @yuzool :slight_smile: ? )

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I don’t know if you need to separate them, maybe go with:

  • Apps (mac, iOS, online, anything as long as it’s an “app”)
  • Projects (as in .rw project files)
  • Resources (everything else that doesn’t fit, training, books, conferences, websites)

Not 100% on the resources as perhaps the category is too broad…

@instacks - We’ve found people don’t really use (or share) the built-in snippets enough to warrant this. So i’m really not sure it’s a good idea to add it just yet…

Snippets types would be great, codecanyon-like.

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That’s great, @ben.
We are already distributing demo projects of our RapidCart Pro and RapidMaps 3 plugins on our website.
If not already planned, please consider to include a link to a published website so customers will be able to see what demo project is once published.

We offer our plugins as single purchases and bundles (e.g. “RapidCart Pro 4” and “Complete RapidPack including RapidCart Pro 4”), will we be able to do it?

Yesh @ben!

Bundles great idea

And snippets… yes.

I’ve taken the liberty to call them “widgets” as @instacks said, but more along the lines of @Lucas. So that would be cool if others wanted to explore this cateogry with me.


  • Locked is a snippet
  • But Members is self contained. Upload to the server and point your RW page to it and Robert is your father’s brother :wink:

Hmm, okay. Maybe a snippets/widgets listing would be a good idea…


Bundled addons will be created as regular addons. When creating an addon you will be able to specify if it should, or should not, be listed as normal.

So, if you have a bundle only addon, you will check a “Bundle Only” (or similar, wording not decided yet) checkbox when creating the addon. If the bundle only checkbox is selected, then the addon will not be listed in the regular listings. It will only be displayed within the new bundles area.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve had another think and come up with the following:

1. Apps /rapidweaver/apps

Any kind of RapidWeaver related application — mac, web, iOS, etc.

App Details

  • Title
  • URL
  • Description
  • Price
  • RW Versions
  • Icon
  • Screenshots

2. Project Files /radpiweaver/projects

List pre-built RapidWeaver project files. The main purpose here would be starter projects, like http://hipsterweaver.com, rather than demo projects for your addons (that you include when someone purchases your addon).

Project Details

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • RW Versions
  • Screenshots
  • Icon
  • Release Date
  • Required addons (which addons are required for this project file to work)

3. Bundles /rapidweaver/bundles

Bundles will allow you to, erm, bundle your addons together. All addons in a bundle will need to be submitted to the site as normal. You will be able to specify if your addon should only be listed in a bundle, or listed both regularly and within a bundle.

So yes, you will be able to list all you addons both individually and within a bundle.

Bundles will be listed on a new section of the site (/rapidweaver/bundles).

Bundle Details

  • Title
  • Description
  • Price
  • Icon (or we auto create an “icon” by mixing the addon icons into a grid-matrix-thing)
  • Screenshots
  • Addons (which addons are in this bundle)
  • Release Date

We will not be adding snippets to the site, for now. We are considering it though, and it might be added after these three new listing types are online.

Please please please let me know if you have some feedback — we want the community site to work for everyone, so if you think we should be listing things differently, or the above information is missing something, reply here or email me :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

On Apps:
-RW Versions - I guess should be the app version

  • Release Date ?

Nope, this would be the version(s) of RapidWeaver the app is compatible with. But we should add “version” to the app details!

Yes, so we know when it was, or will be, released. Means you can pre-list your app before launch, in the same way as you can with addons.

nice improvements @ben

I’m not sure to understand http://hipsterweaver.com/blast/ provides only themes for Foudation
Only demo projects for a specific theme or to use with all themes? or with a basic free theme?

for example, If I want to share a free theme everyone can make projects for that theme. It’s possible?

Thanks! Also the individual management is a great idea
the bundle may be temporary? for the medium term or monthly promotions?.

RWmultitool can be included?? ( after about 4 years in exile )


I not 100% sure what you are saying/asking here.

The idea for the new Projects type is for people to share pre-built RapidWeaver projects that users can use as a starting point for a new site — this is what HipsterWeaver does.

Listing projects will only be available to developers.

You delete the bundle when you no longer want it listed.

Yes, you would add RWMultitool to the new Apps section :slight_smile:

Yep, we finally got round to adding apps!

ok, it is now clear

easy, sorry for my stupid question…

we discontinued development for this reason, now I see what to do :slight_smile:

Thanks @ben

You stopped developing RWMultiTool because you couldn’t list it on the site? :confused:

I do not want to be misunderstood, but I have asked sometimes over the years support to show the app. No reply.
Now the situation has changed , thanks for the support!!

Any news for the new “project template” category?

I somehow missed this thread originally. I would suggest a Framework category or something similar. Might be too specific though I suppose.

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I think a Frameworks category is VERY needed. They aren’t Themes or Stacks, they’re both. Unless you want to put them in Bundles and tag them with Framework?