[UPDATE] 🎉 Project Listing Available Now! (New Product Types on The RapidWeaver Community)

Where are the bundles? :wink:

Ben wrote about them above:

Bundles and projects are coming soon (delayed as the SEO course took longer than expected) — it’s on my list when I’m back from a much needed holiday :slight_smile:

Project listing will be added in the next couple of days :smiley:

Those of you with projects might want to start preparing them for listing — you’ll need to supply the following info:

  • title
  • description
  • price
  • release date
  • preview url
  • store url
  • required addons (limited to addons listed on the Community)
  • icon
  • screenshots (maximum of 5, same dimensions as other addons)

Let me know ASAP if you think I’ve missed anything!


I must have missed the discussion on “Projects” … this should do really well withing the RW Community. There are so many creative types who build beautiful sites with RW.
This could open a door for a whole new revenue stream for those people.


Project listing is now live :smiley:

You can add Projects in exactly the same way as all other addons.

Let me know if you have any questions about, or problems, adding projects! Can’t wait to see the first projects listed on the site :slight_smile:

@ben: The Community site is asking for a Bundle Identifier for Project files, which they obviously don’t have. Won’t let you submit without one though. Just a heads up.

@ben: Sorry, have another bug I think… uploaded an icon image, but none is showing on the public facing pages:

Uploaded images:

Public facing pages:

Update: Icon is now missing in the Images section of the addon, too. I can add it back in, but it goes missing again: http://d.pr/i/Ohje

I’ll look in to the missing icons.

Bundle ID should be something like com.elixir.projects.artisan

Bundle ID is required as we’re treating projects exactly the same as other Addons, makes it easier for us to manage.

@ben: Cool. Is there supposed to be a field for listing required addons for Project files so that the Community pages link to those resources?

That’s not available at the moment- I plan to add it when I get more time.

Ah gotcha. Guess I shouldn’t have jumped the gun adding a bunch of projects. Ah well.

Listing which addons a project requires/uses won’t be added to the site for a while unfortunately.

I’d suggest everyone add their projects now without this info — I know this is not ideal, but it’s only one bit of info you’ll have to add later.

I just don’t have the time to add support for this at the moment, as it’d require not only more back-end work but also a re-working of the addons listings to display this info.

It’s on my list and I’ll get to it ASAP!

+1 on listing required addons. It’s essential for projects.

BTW some default addon sections could be omitted for this category. No need for Video Tutorials or Gallery Sites boxes.

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