Updating all sidebars at once

(Koen Vits) #1

I’m making a website for a local concert organization. I use the sidebar of each page to display a calendar of upcoming concerts. However, now I have to update each sidebar on each page every time a concert has passed, or a new concert is upcoming. Is there a way to update all sidebars at once? It would save me a lot of time!

Thank you very much!

(Scott Steven) #2

pluskit is the answer. create a page that has the sidebar content and use @import with pluskit plugin
one of my favourite tools next to stacks for sites

(scott williams) #3

What calendar are you using? If you were to use google calendar you would just make your edits there and site would update everywhere calendar appears

(Koen Vits) #4

Thank you both for your help! @import works great! Thanks for sharing!