Uploading documents

Is there a way to upload a total PDF or Word or Pages document to a RW site?

Right now it appears you can add a link or you can strip the text and photos and upload separately which is time consuming and destroys flow of original article.

Any help appreciated.

You can do that. You need Stacks plugin and the free Embed stack from Will Woodgate.

Our current site is mobile friendly. If we install Stacks and Embed, will a mobile user be able to see the overall document as well as he sees the uploaded text and photos that he does today?

To clarify, today we place the text in one column and photos in another and upload. If we put the whole document up as it was originally seen in PDF, Word or Pages via Stacks and Embed, will the mobile viewer be able to see it?


Chris Tworek
BMWCSA Club Director
(403) 238-8049

Hi, Chris, Sorry for the delayed answer.

I am not sure about the display on phones, but I presume it would work. To be sure, get in touch with Will. He is a very helpful guy.