URGENT: New Beta - RapidWeaver 7.5.1 with High Sierra fix

Hey Guys (@Elixir, @isaiah, @joeworkman, @barchard, @Doobox, @rob, @instacks, @defligra, @yuzool, @weaver, @willwood, @Lucas, @Gary, @MultiThemes, and anyone else I missed…).

Can you give this new build of 7.5.1 a spin, it should fix the refreshing issue in High Sierra:


Let me know if you hit any issues as we’ll be submitting it to Apple later today, we want to make sure this build is live by Monday when 10.13 launches.


I unfortunately can’t help as I don’t have High Sierra installed on any machines. Steering clear of it for a while as I’ve heard some horror stories, which is sad because I usually upgrade fairly quickly.

We don’t have machines with High Sierra either, sorry.

@Elixir No worries, totally understand. FWIW I’ve installed it on my MacBook Pro and it’s all working fine :slight_smile:

Also, even if you’re not on High Sierra you should be using this new build.

All good here. :+1:

Tested on my expendable High Sierra rig. Working well with Stacks too. Say thanks to Simon for nailing that preview bug down. That was ugly.

Also… @simon, if you hear back from Apple about what is causing the extra FSEvent notifications, please let me know – we use those in Stacks too, of course. I haven’t noticed any strange behavior – but I’ve only tested a tiny bit. If I figure anything out, I will likewise let you know.


@tpbradley managed to spend a bit more time on this while I was out of action for the last couple of days. As I understand it, it’s down to FSEvents sending cloned file notifications (which are new in 10.13). As you know, our working theory for what’s causing it seems to change quite often as we learn more about what’s going on, but here’s what we currently think:

  1. When loading files, WKWebView clones them
  2. The FSEvents API sends a bunch of “clone” notifications (one for each file in a theme)
  3. The modified date on those cloned files are updated, so we fire notifications that the theme files have changed on disk
  4. We instruct WKWebView to reload the preview because the user’s theme has changed
  5. Go to 1.

I’ve spent some time today trying to prove or disprove this theory by hunting through the WebKit source - as I’m sure you’re aware it’s not a particularly accessible codebase for newcomers.

Theme files are now being observed by NSFilePresenter instead, but there are a few places where the FSEvents API code is still used. I suppose we’ll look at removing those in the near-term too and replacing them with NSFilePresenter.

I’ll update this thread if I hear back from Apple - they got quieter and quieter as we got closer to the 10.13 release date.

Edit: I’ve just been informed by @tpbradley that we’re no longer using the FSEvents API anywhere in RapidWeaver’s own code. It still exists in iMedia (the open source media browser), but that doesn’t appear to be causing any issues.

very interesting. i also do some similar watches on stacks. ones that use the stack asset api can potentially load in web views – which would, in theory, produce similar sorts of events. i’ll give one a test and see if i can learn anything more.


I’m not running High Sierra yet, so I might not be of much help to you. But 7.5.1 (18786) is working fine for me on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. Appreciate the link to the Beta :+1:

Hi @dan
small bug in Version 7.5.1 (18786): When you publish a project, and the time has come for the automatic backup, it is not possible to skip that one. Pressing the skip button does not work, and quitting RW is also not working.
Cheers, Jannis

not running High Sierra yet. sorry for the late reply.

No problem, thanks for your help guys!