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I am building a shop with Rapidcart pro but i found with exporting a very long URL.
Does anybody know what the reason is.
What can i do to shorten these long url’s?
It is not SEO friendly



for example: https://www.bwbshop.nl/mollieshop/shop.php?product/page/52537/Beugelmand+voor+het+presenteren+van+producten

(mark hunter) #2

Have you used your own folder names in the Page Inspector, General Settings - or are you allowing Rapidweaver to name them?



(TonBreukers) #3

In the normal pages I always use a special map, but in the shop you can’t specify a map per product only by category or tag.
The shop of his own has only one map.


(Roberto Tremonti) #4

The reason is: SEO Purposes.
The only required URL part is https://www.bwbshop.nl/mollieshop/shop.php?product/page/52537/.
52537 is the product ID in RapidCart Pro database.
Last string is a URL-friendly version of the product name used to improve indexing in search engines and readability for visitors.

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