User manual, whee is it. link goes to 404 not found

As a new user a user manual would be helpful. When I tried to go to the user manual by clicking the link provided I got a 404 not found.


The website is undergoing a revamp and there is no official manual available, was just an FAQ section really. Not sure when it will be available again… @ben??

Joe Workman has a book on RapidWeaver 5 as does 1 Little Designer. They are cheap if purchased as e-books and recommended reading as most things in them will relate to RW6.

There is a German RapidWeaver 6 book which is apparently really good if you speak German, the English translation is quite bad though and difficult to follow.

Generally though if you have questions, there are a bunch of people here willing to invest their time to assist people.

Was there something specific you were looking for information on?


Just good basic information. Current question is the importing and sizing of pictures (photos) on the home page.

Pretty broad question to start with :wink:

I assume you are using RapidWeaver 6.3.8 (please correct me if I am wrong)?

What type of page have you selected (Styled, html, Stacks, etc)?

There are a few different ways to use images with RapidWeaver, the page type is generally the defining factor for usage.

If your question is related to image size, the smallest file size with the best quality at 72 dpi in JPG or PNG format, you can use GIF’s and SVG as well. PNG offers transparency if exported as such by your image editing software thereby allowing it to look nice no matter the color of the header or placement (unless white on white or same color on same color obviously).

If you search the forums using the magnifying glass for various topics you will find a whole host if information. The user TeamSDA has asked a bunch of starter questions throughout the forum that you will find the answers to very informative and a great place to start.


Thank you I will look around.

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