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I am building a website in RapidWeaver/Stacks (with Foundry). Once finished, I would like to copy the website so that my international distributors can each use a version for their own country, in many cases with the English replaced by their local language. My question is this: Is there an app or platform that would allow me to be the ‘admin’ of all these cloned RapidWeaver websites and assign limited editing user roles to my distributors?

Have a look at Total CMS: I’m sure this would be the best available solution for your needs. You only have to take care about the fact that the cost will be $99.- per domain. So for example and would be two different domains for these two languages and would therefore cost $198.-
But you could go around this by simply using a subdomain for each country, like for example and (and so on). This would all count as only one domain.

Thank you for your helpful, and super quick, input. I appreciate it.

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