Using batch feature of Nick Cates Photo

Has anyone worked out how to use the batch import feature to load photos from a directory on your own computer? I do not understand the need to upload them to my server first.

Hm, but that is exactly how the batch feature works: you first have to upload images to the server, since if there are not images on the server nothing can be displayed by the stack. If you don’t want to first upload the images to the server then simply don’t use the batch feature and choose another option.

The advantage is that you do not have to add photos in Rapidweaver if you have new photos available. Simply upload them on your server and the gallery is updated.

I think the batch feature isn’t designed to do what you think it’s designed to do.

It isn’t a quick way to get lots of photos stored on your computer into the gallery
It is a way of allowing you to create a directory on your web server so someone can upload photos that use a specific naming convention and have them appear on the web site in the gallery without having to own a copy of Rapidweaver.


Can the Google Photos App for iOS be used as the server for a Batch Gallery in Photos?

Well yes, it can be used that way, but the video made by Nick Cates suggests using it as a quick way of creating a gallery.

Is it possible to use a batch gallery as a linked gallery? I can’t see how to designate a target to allow that to happen.

I think the video suggests it as a quick way of populating a gallery from a single URL on a web server. Like I said, I don’t think the feature is designed to do what you want.


Hi Guys - I can’t get this batch feature to work. Exported the files from Mac Photo using sequential - testing with just 30 pictures for now. FTPed the files to a directory on site server (available as direct URLs). Add the Photo Base, add the Photo Group - toggled on the Batch option, entered the URL to the first image which is ending in “- 1.jpg”. Then I see the preview of the first image so hoped for success but in Preview, I see nothing - empty thumbnails. Published site and still empty thumbnails. Any tips? Thanks in advance.