Various Newbie Queries (form submission, responsive themes and publishing)

Hi All

Historically I’ve used iWeb to create my sites as it was easy to use and came installed on my Mac. it served a purpose but following the way change to the way in which Google rank sites based on being mobile friendly I need something better. I’ve been trialling Rapidweaver for the past few days and really like it.

I published a test site yesterday (using the split theme) and have a few questions:

  1. When viewing the site on a iPhone (or reduce the Internet Explorer window size) the navigation button disappears. It looks fine when I preview it directly in the Rapidweaver software.
  2. When I try to submit the form, it just reloads the page with the data in place.
  3. I have a number of sites on my FTP account hosted by 1and1 in various folders. In iWeb it automatically published to the correct folder based on the site name field. Is it possible to set this in Rapidweaver? Or do I need to publish to the site to the root and then move it?

You can view the test site I set up here if it help diagnose the issues:

Thanks in advance