Video - Sequence of actions for Font Pro?

Does anybody know if there is a video giving the sequence of actions for using Font Pro please?

Joe has done a ton of videos for Font Pro this week and just needs to edit them. Hopefully he will get some of that done if he doesn’t have a soccer tourney for his kids.

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My thanks for that Zeebe. Have looked at the documentation and downloaded one BASIC video but still not clear on the procedure.
No rush, I’m not short of things to do - trying hard to learn RW.
Whilst you are on, do you know the setup that Joe uses for his videos please? i.e. Microphone (make and model), cradle, software etc. It’s something I have a big interest in.
Thanks again

Sorry, the only thing I know for sure is his mic is a Yeti. I will tell him to come here and give you that info though.

I have 10 videos recorded on my desktop waiting for me to edit!

You only need 2 things to get started in making your video…

Blue Yeti Mic:

The first accessory that you should but is a mic boom. Its crazy how much this will improve audio. I have the Rode Boom:

Next you can upgrade your webcam if you want to take video of yourself. The built in webcam from Apple is not 1080p. I use a cheap Logitech 1080p USB webcam.

This past year, I have updated my mic to a Heil PR40 with a full sound board. This is the cool looking mic that you see in some of my video. Is it totally awesome? Yes. Do you need it? No.

Thank you Zeebe.
I need to make a couple of videos for an amateur group I’m working for and, having done a bit of public entertaining in the dim and distant past I know the value of having good gear.
Will wait to hear.

Sincere thanks Joe
I’ve used many expensive Shure mikes over the years and appreciate their quality and value.
Only thing you didn’t mention is the cradle in which the mike sits. Is this included with the boom?
I agreed entirely on the value of using a boom. It’s the quality of your video sound that made me ask the question in the first place.
Thanks again.

Just found the whole setup on UK Amazon Joe.
My thanks again and thanks for the pleasure of all the stacks and Foundation.
It’s all gradually making up for my giving up on Windows.

All the best

This is a bit off-topic: so I apologize in advance.

Joe: why did you end up going with the Logitech C920 over the Logitech C930? I think I’m convinced I need something better than the built-in Apple webcam. The 930 is more expensive, but worth it to me if it really produces better video. Thoughts?

C930 here:

C920 here:

Be my guest Mathew
We are all here to learn and I’m as interested as you.


The 930 didn’t exist when I bought the 920 :blush:

The 920 really is a great webcam and is a lot better than the webcams on my 2010 apple displays.

I plan on upgrading to a DSLR later this year for video. That is obviously a big jump up from a webcam.

Remember that most of us also have an iPhone that takes great video as well.

If you are interested in the Heil mic, this is the best deal out there.

All taken care of thank you Joe but glad you mentioned Screeenflow. I didn’t know anything about that one.

Keep smiling

What do you recommend for a stand to hold the iPhone when taking video?

Over to you Joe - I don’t even have a mobile of any kind. Too old and fingers too stiff.