"View Mode" why have 3?

Every RW user has seen the three buttons under the EDIT/PREVIEW buttons,
I have only ever had the right most option selected, i cannot understand why it needs the other two buttons !
Can someone, somewhere, please explain why there needs to be three options ?


If you have Joe’s Foundation theme, this is a good reason why:

I do support for Joe Workman, so please check out his stacks and his GREAT Foundation Theme

I think, to some degree, it’s just personal preference. Some people like a more verbose interface than others.

That said, I added the feature so that if you needed a bit more space in your layout (perhaps if you’re working on a small-screen laptop) – you could choose to trade off some detail for a bit of extra working space.

Did you know that you can switch between the modes quickly by typing “1” “2” or “3”?


Thanks @isaiah you hit the nail on the head yet again, if i didnt know any different, i would say you had a lot to do with Designing Rapidweaver from the ground UP :relaxed:


Hi @zeebe, i dont have Foundation as it happens, i watched the Video until halfway, i dont see the connection with my question ?

@timmytoad If you looked at the “Preview While You Edit” section on the page, you would see this gif via the link in that section…

Thanks @joeworkman for putting me right, Joe, that is pretty good, perhaps some of the other Theme developers could borrow that idea ?