Visitor complains of 501 error

A visitor complains that he can’t “get to” our website. Does anyone know what would cause a 501 error. Explanations from Google searches don’t explain very well. My site is fine so I believe this problem to be causes on his end. Here’s what he says:
I just tried your link you embedded in the message below to access your website and I got the following message:
Not Implemented

GET to / not supported.
Additionally, a 501 Not Implemented error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
I have tried another computer and have the same problem. I’ve used your website for years and never had this issue before.

I should also say we have our normal amount of traffic and no other complaints of any errors… (1600 unique visitors a day) - So I have to believe this issue is “on his end.”

assuming he’s just typing in the URL to your homepage…
sounds like PEBKAC to me.

501 error usually means the resource doesn’t exist – like the URL itself is mangled – and the browser is confused. so i would guess:

  • the guys URL got mangled
  • his bookmark is weird
  • his browser is broken
  • he’s got some crazy virus that’s trying to inject something

That said, if he’s getting this on internal links on your page – then that could mean that your page has some issues causing URLs to get mangled.

Thank you for the reply Isaiah. I so appreciate YourHead products and your great info in these forums.