W3C CSS warnings excessive

Is anyone able to help me solve a warning i get The page has 16 error(s) and 735 warning(s). Please, analyze the CSS issues on the page and fix the most critical ones. My website is drsarahshell.com
Thank you

I assume most all of the CSS warnings and errors are coming from the theme.
You can ignore them if they aren’t causing issues on your page rendering.

Themes by their nature usually have a ton of CSS that is never used on a page. So it’s there if you do want to use it.

Tools like website auditor will show you a tone of information, some useful some, not so much unless you actually understand what it is.

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I took a quick look at the report above. Looks like you do have some stack(s) generating an error.
at the bottom of the report, I see five "Parse Error %(endif)% " messages. That %(endif)% is an internal stack syntax and should never make it to a CSS file. The rest of the errors (from my quick look) look like no real problem.

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Thanks , I guess it is easy to become obsessed with programs like Website Auditor.

Yep. Something on that page isn’t working quite right. One of those stacks looks like it has some kind of bug.

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